About Us

We are a company that recycles back into nature, what comes from nature.

We work hard to provide you the best quality organic fertilizers for your gardening or farming inputs.

Ingredients to make organic fertilizer are almost 100% locally available in Zimbabwe it means we don’t require foreign currency to import, as would be the case for chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers or Chemical fertilizers (also know as inorganic fertilisers) provide plants with good nutrients they need to grow healthy and give better yields per hectare.

The choice of which type of fertilizer to use will be determined by what the growers’ needs and resources are.

Our organic fertilizer manufacturing process uses Earthworm technology to decompose bio-degradable organic waste into nutrient rich fertilizer. This process is also known as Vermi Composting.

Our Company

We believe in harnessing nature’ supreme ability to provide continuous renewal through maintaining an ecological balance.

We produce rich organic fertilizer to increase plant nutrients for increased crop yields – which contributes towards food security. Local authorities are facing mounting waste management problems caused by many types of waste; 70% of which is biodegradable. Recent studies at the University of Zimbabwe established that Zimbabwe produces annually about one million tons of bio-degradable organic matter in urban areas excluding human waste. Most of this waste is from agricultural produce consumed in urban areas and disposed of at landfills or burnt. 

This practice has a ripple effect as it has created an agricultural ecological imbalance due to loss of organic matter resulting from the fact that what is produced on farms is consumed mainly in urban areas, never returned to farms as organic matter but as the soil-damaging chemical fertilizers. Consequently, soils have become less productive leading to falling yields and increase in production cost due to high fertiliser and insecticide usage